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Office: Latrobe
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Nicole received her doctorate in counseling psychology from West Virginia University. She was clinically trained in the Department of Psychiatry at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. She also has specialized training in the integration of mind body therapies in the treatment of chronic gastrointestinal disorders and somatic disorders from the Allegheny Center for Digestive Health. Dr. Trainer has been studying integrative mental health since 2009 and has advanced training in mindfulness-based interventions, HeartMath biofeedback, and functional approaches to depression and anxiety, including nutrition, micronutrient therapy, and amino acid therapy.


 Dr. Trainer has been working in private practice since 2011. She founded Native with the intention to shift the conversation in mental health care away from deficits and subjective lists of symptoms treated largely with pharmaceuticals to one focused on innate health and the integration of evidence-based complementary and alternative therapies. Further, Dr. Trainer believes that a more dynamic and holistic approach to mental health treatment would better prepare an individual for the lifelong process of understanding their emotional self and taking care of their mental health. 


Dr. Trainer is also passionate about raising mental health awareness and reducing the stigma surrounding seeking help for mental health problems. She encourages a conceptualization of mental health that is more fluid and allows for occasional disruptions in emotional wellbeing to be embraced as a natural part of the human experience and not pathologized.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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